Mileage Saver Extreme Complete Kit
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New "Patent Pending" Design!
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Original Price: $799.00
Total Price: $599.00

You Save: $200.00
If you need the Best Producing Hydrogen Generator that you can buy, then you've found it.

(Our New "Patent Pending" Unit Produces 4 to 5 Liters of Hydrogen Gas per minute !)




This is by far the most advanced technology Hydrogen System on the market!

Actual Dimension of the Hydrogen Black Box is: 4" deep x 4.5" wide x 7" tall

Actual Dimension of the 3 quart Water Reservoir is: 4" deep x 8.5" wide x 10" tall

We are offering our new "Patent Pending" Double Extreme technology Hydrogen Generators to our customers that absolutely want the most HHO gas a system can produce, at the lowest price in the industry. If you have done any shopping around at all, than you know this is true. This is a complete system, not just an HHO generator. Other companies are selling just their hydrogen generators for more money than we sell our complete system.

This unit is a complete "Double Extreme" Hydrogen generator system for your Large Diesel or Gasoline Engines. This unit is 2 of our standard units combined into 1 cell. For those who want the most extreme result that you can get.

This unit is made to work best on all 5.0 liter engines and larger. ( Gasoline or Diesel )

Our "Double Extreme" Hydrogen System comes complete with everything that you see in the above photo, which is all that you need to do a full installation! This kit includes our Custom Hoyte 50 Amp Meter.

This is also Perfect for the Long Haul Trucker!

This "Double Extreme" System is not a car generator being passed off as a Big Double Cell Unit, This unit was made just for the people wanting the absolute best unit available, for Gasoline or Diesel engines.

This generator will run for days straight without ever turning it off and it will never overheat or have an increase in amperage.

Let's see our competition make that claim without using a Pulse Width Modulator.

Our "Double Extreme" Hydrogen on Demand System will reduce your emissions and increase your horsepower and fuel economy dramatically. Your engine starts to run smoother, stronger, and more efficiently within minutes of turning on our system.

The Mileage Shop uses the best quality parts and standards to build our Hydrogen generators. Take a look below at the comparison photos to see how our competitors steel stack up to ours, including Titanium coated plates.

Some Features of our 316L Stainless Steel plates for the Mileage Shop Generator


* Our Generator Plates are made from the Highest-Grade 316L Stainless Steel Available!

* The stainless steel plates that are used to produce the hydrogen gas in any unit are the most important aspect of a hydrogen generator. If you don't start with the best 316 L Stainless Steel, your unit will rust and fall apart within a couple of months.

* To Save Money, most HHO companies use a lower grade 304 steel. Don't Be Fooled!
Below is a photograph of how 316 L & 304 grade Steel Compare after our road tests.

* We make sure that our Hydrogen System produces the most HHO gas by spending hours prepping each individual cell plate by cross sanding it with a 36 grit paper to achieve a maximum surface area.

* Our Cell Plate Systems are assembled in a dust free environment wearing rubber gloves, and every plate is then carefully cleaned with alcohol to insure the best performance out of every unit.

Our Units will not produce foam, slime or rust water !


Comparison After a
5000 Mile Road Test

Comparison After a
2500 Mile Road Test



Our Steel Their Steel

Our Steel Their Steel

Because of our attention to detail we offer a LIFE TIME WARRANTY on our Hydrogen Cells.

If we weren't offering you the Best Hydrogen cell in the industry, We couldn't offer you the Best warranty!

We ship all packages the same day you order, via, UPS ground!

  This is a Complete Kit and includes everything you see in the above photo, that you need for a full installation!


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